Found Font | Las Vegas, NV  (On the Boards - Install 2018)  Found Font is one of two landmark sculptures we designed for the Neon Gateway as part of Project Neon Roadway Project in partnership with the City of Las Vegas, Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), and COLAB LV back in 2014. The massive 60'-0"L x 25'-0"h sculpture is in the shop drawing phase with all funding secured.
  Bend 215 | Las Vegas, NV  (2016 - Unbuilt)  Bend 215 is conceptually rooted in natural twist and bent forms seen in and around Las Vegas's native environment. The sculpture was designed to be steel panels that would have wrapped the I-215 Pebble Bridge.
  arcSPINE | Las Vegas, NV  (2016)  arcSPINE is part of Clark County's Centered median art project. We designed a 30'-0"L x 5'-0"w x 9'-0"h steel angle sculpture that referenced the surrounding mountain as it slows rises from the ground. Each piece is cantilevered at an offset angle and none of the pieces touch.
  Neon Streaks | Las Vegas, NV  (2014 - Unbuilt)  We were finalists for the Ogden Underpass Competition in collaboration with the City of Las Vegas and COLAB LV. Design concept revolved around a merging of pixelation, light streaks, and neon as seen through multiple viewing perspectives within and outside the underpass.
  Neon Gateway | Las Vegas, NV  (2013)  In collaboration with COLAB LV, we were part of the Young Guns, artist that provided a series of design concepts for The Neon Gateway Project. Young Guns: Clemente Cicoria,  Leon Cifala, Anthony Diaz, Drew Gregory, Vince Novak, Zak Ostrowski, Aaron Reddick, and Garrett Sullivan.      
  Neon Gateway | Las Vegas, NV  (Unbuilt)  Design concept for steel entryway gate