Las Vegas, NV | 2015 - 2018


2017 AIA Nevada Unbuilt Award Winner | Citation

The name Cayambe comes from the massive Nevado Cayambe, “a massive Volcanic Complex in Northern Ecuador (our client’s home country), 60 km NE of the City of Quito. Cayambe volcano belongs to the Cayambe Volcanic Complex (CVC), which has a roughly rectangular base (24 km E-W, 18 km N-S), and is located at an altitude of 2800-3000 m in the west and at 3400-3800 m asl in the eastern part. The upper part of the complex is elongated in E-W direction and consists of the main summit of Nevado Cayambe (5790 m).”* 

The elongated and rectangular forms of Nevado Cayambe influenced the architectural design of the home in Las Vegas, Nevada. The unique home is set on two acres with fantastic views of the Las Vegas Strip and the Red Rock Mountains. Like Cayambe, the home stands out on it’s site with minimal, yet simple architectural forms that are relevant to the desert environment, but bring in a subtle South American flair to the design. 

Expertise: Architecture | Interiors

Team: GC - Blaser Construction | Landscape - Attanasio Landscape Architecture