arcSPINE | Las Vegas, NV  (2016)  arcSPINE is part of Clark County's Centered median art project. We designed a 30'-0"L x 5'-0"w x 9'-0"h steel angle sculpture that referenced the surrounding mountain as it slows rises from the ground. Each piece is cantilevered at an offset angle and none of the pieces touch.
2016-05-26 14.59.53.jpg
2016-05-26 14.38.37.jpg
2016-05-26 14.57.43-1.jpg
2016-05-26 14.58.11.jpg
2016-05-26 14.56.40.jpg
2016-06-13 10.01.01 HDR.jpg
2016-06-13 10.01.11.jpg
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